CIRCE Product Solutions.

CIRCE is your case management solution

No matter what type of social service you need to manage–mental health services; economic security programs; helping young people stay in school; protecting children; working to preserve families; supporting the elderly or disabled; peer counseling and education; substance abuse treatment; or anything else–CIRCE can help you do it better.

At its core, CIRCE supports all of the critical functions for managing any service.


Case Management Solution - CIRCE.


It is easy to get started with CIRCE

Customizing CIRCE to fit your needs requires no programming or advanced database skills. You can have a solution that meets your unique case management requirements up and running in a matter of days

Do you have a power-user in your organization, someone who helps out with your current systems? That’s all you need. Don’t have a power user? We can train someone in your organization. Or we can customize your solution for you quickly and cost-effectively.

Click on the images below to see how easy it is to customize CIRCE to meet your needs. The image on the left is what CIRCE looks like out of the box. The image on the left is a customized form created using the simple point-and-click, drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface.

Manager Dashboard.

This dashboard is designed for the Executive of FSA. Each chart conveys information that is critical for the agency to meet its financial and programmatic goals.

Exec Dashboard.

From a manager’s standpoint, it is helpful to keep track of the different programs’ progress throughout a division. This comprehensive dashboard does just that.