CIRCE Schools, Groups, Classes, Meetings, and Activities. 

Classroom Management
This module is designed to assist with document management for everything associated with a classroom or group scenario. Seamlessly maintain class schedules, attendance, assignments, activities, participation, meeting minutes, and grades. It’s user friendly, efficient and saves a lot of time.
Manage Records On-The-Go
Create, update or delete records in real-time globally using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone (using Salesforce1 for mobile devices).

When you couple Salesforce with the versatility of CIRCE, you have total control at your fingertips.

State-of-the-art Apps
Incorporate our state-of-the-art Barcode Scanner to eliminate those extra steps using your smart-phone. Connect our latest text-messaging component (SMS) and notify participants about an up-coming test, changes in times and dates, and other important information–instantly with a few clicks.

Scan a bar code and immediately update a Salesforce record from any Android or iOS mobile device. 
Send a text to one or multiple recipients directly from Salesforce. 

Unparalleled Reporting
Keep track of what’s happening in real-time with charts, graphs and statistics on your dashboard.

Point, click and create visuals for up-to-date reporting to supervisors, board of directors and others.

HIPAA Compliance
If HIPAA Compliance is a must, you can easily manage Salesforce profiles and limit users from viewing sensitive individual information with a few simple clicks.

What management can see can differ from what non-management can view. Those involved with one program can view standard data in other program records but cannot view sensitive data–unless granted express permission.

Easily add or remove users that can view records accross multiple programs, groups, classes, meetings, and/or activities.