The benefits of CIRCE.

What are the benefits of using CIRCE?

Staff, from clinicians to managers and program directors, are happier, more productive and less stressed out. Service providers are more present with their clients. The complexities of maintaining compliance with organizational, governmental, and funder requirements are removed.

CIRCE makes the management of human services simple, transparent and more efficient than anyone imagined it could be.

Program and provider productivity can be assessed and compared in real-time across multiple program types.

HIPAA requirements, reporting deadlines, service agreements, and outcomes are easily met. Compliance is always 100% ensured by built-in business logic and rules.

Human service agencies, and departments within large agencies, can easily collaborate and work together.

Benefits include:

  • Complete transparency
  • Easy integration of new government & funder requirements
  • Improved accountability
  • Increased productivity
  • Integrated client information across programs
  • E-signatures for easy compliance
  • Any-time quality monitoring & data entry
  • Reduced human error
  • Instant access to:

    • Quality assurance measures
    • Client/chart information
    • Agency-wide productivity data
    • All client/program documentation
    • Audit data
    • Reports & dashboards

Will CIRCE adapt to my changing needs and requirements?

Yes! CIRCE was intentionally developed to be easily, quickly, and inexpensively adapted to meet changing needs. CIRCE is your answer for:

  • Changing government or contract reporting requirements—ensure you are always in compliance
  • Managing new or expanding human services programs—easily launch new programs or add new services to existing programs
  • Easily collaborate—simplify collaboration on research projects and joint initiatives