CIRCE Partners.

Become a CIRCE Partner!

We’ll generate business opportunities for you and help you generate business opportunities for yourself!

Who qualifies? Any or Foundation Consulting or ISV partner. Partners are automatically enrolled in our referral license-revenue sharing program.

How does it work?

Quick-refer: Refer a qualified lead to CIRCE that becomes a customer and share in the profits! If you refer a lead to CIRCE and they become a customer, You get:

  • 15% of the first year’s License Revenue
  • 10% of the second year’s License Revenue
  • 5% of the third year’s License Revenue.

Relationship-refer: Sell CIRCE to one of your customers and provide the implementation, training and support they need to successfully get up-and-running, and share in even more of the profits! You get:

  • 20% of the first year’s License Revenue
  • 10% of the second year’s License Revenue
  • 5% of the third year’s License Revenue.

Please contact our office at for more information and for partnership terms.

Our Partners and the Salesforce Foundation

CIRCE is proud to work closely with both and the Salesforce Foundation to bring affordable, adaptable cloud-based social service management solutions to non-profits.

CIRCE is built on the Salesforce platform so it is:

  • Cloud-based: Eliminates hardware costs. Ensures data security. Provides real-time instant access to program information
  • Adaptable: Easily changes to meet the needs of multiple programs and funders
  • Complete: Is the platform for managing cases, measuring performance, reporting on outcomes, and billing
  • Integrated: Enables cross-program data management, reporting, and tracking
  • Secure: Ensures data security and compliance with government rules and regulations including HIPAA

Felton Institute (a.k.a. Family Service Agency of San Francisco)

The CIRCE Software Inc., social enterprise was first envisioned by the board and executive team at the Felton Institute (a.k.a.Family Service Agency of San Francisco). Today, CIRCE works closely with Felton to test new product capabilities, enhance usability, and find new ways to use technology to empower social service agencies.

Felton Institute is a shareholder of CIRCE Software, Inc. CIRCE is committed to building a profitable enterprise to help support ongoing innovation at Felton Institute and social service agencies worldwide.