Dan Pellota on Charities

Dan Pellota, founder of the Aids Ride, gave a great Ted Talk earlier this month in which he argues that the standards we apply to charity are all wrong.  We force charities to be frugal at the expense of dreaming big. Check it out here; it will be 20 minutes well spent:

Maybe we can make the leap to dreaming big.  I know some non-profits who do dream big, even though they may be quite small.  But another question we have to answer is: how can we translate dreaming big into achieving big?  I’m talking here about social services and about social service clients.  We can only help them if we really help them.  If we don’t help them, people go hungry, children fail to thrive and communities decline.  For people in need, trying hard is not a substitute for success and not an excuse for failure.

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