Felton Institute.

Customers: About Felton Institute

Felton Institute is San Francisco’s oldest and largest provider of outpatient social services, serving 14,000 people annually, across the age spectrum in 11 major languages. FSA has 86 major funding sources, including public funding from Federal, State, City, and County sources, as well as private and corporate donations and foundation grants.

The Challenge

Felton Institute was spending too much time and money managing its various programs, reporting to funders with widely varying requirements, and maintaining compliance with medicare, HIPAA and other requirements. Administrative staff, managers, and clinicians were overwhelmed, and errors were commonplace. Other than reviewing files one-by-one, the agency had no way to assess chart health, staff productivity or quality of service. The complexity of managing their contracts was so overwhelming that often they ended up not getting paid for contracted services. They knew they needed to solve these problems or risk having these problems take the entire organization down. It turns out that CIRCE was the solution.

The CIRCE Solution

CIRCE enables Felton Institute to easily and efficiently manage everything from client intake and assessment to setting goals and objectives, tracking progress and productivity, reporting, and billing. And CIRCE makes it easy to track data across the entire programs, throughout the entire organization. Now information about their client demographics, billing history, staff productivity, and client outcomes is just a click away.

“Thanks to CIRCE, the average time between the time a service was provided and the time it was documented went from 49 days to 24 hours.”

—Melissa Moore, PhD, Director: Felton Institute

With CIRCE, Felton Institute turned its business around.

  • Time spent on paperwork is cut in half.
  • Clinicians spend an average of 25% more face-time with clients
  • Invoicing error rates decreased from 7.8% to 0.3%
  • Staff productivity rose by 17%.

“There is no way we could maintain compliance without CIRCE . Now, we can see instantly, in a dashboard, which charts are up-to-date, which are in compliance, and which aren’t.”

—Melissa Moore, PhD, Director: Felton Institute

CIRCE allows managers to audit charts any time. They can instantly view up-to-the-minute program and provider productivity data across the entire organization, monitor progress notes, quality of objectives and interventions on a plan of care, and ensure clients are getting the best possible service.

Manager Dashboard.

This dashboard is designed for the Executive of FSA. Each chart conveys information that is critical for the agency to meet its financial and programmatic goals.

Exec Dashboard.

From a manager’s standpoint, it is helpful to keep track of the different programs’ progress throughout a division. This comprehensive dashboard does just that.