Welcome CCDC and TNDC as the latest CIRCE family of users! 
CIRCE allows us to be more present with our customers. 
Customer testimonial - "This is so easy! Man, I love CIRCE! Making the transition to CIRCE is not that scary!" 
With CIRCE,staff and managers are happier, more productive and not as stressed. 
Customer testimonial - "We appreciate the intuitive workflow and the client-centered way that CIRCE helps us represent our work. It shows that CIRCE values our time and work." 

⇨ 2019 Special for Small Non-Profits
Sign up for CIRCE before December 31, 2020 to receive a deep discount on our implementation fee including our flexible customizations. To receive our quote, email us at: special@circesoftware.com
⇨ Performance Management For Social Services
For mid-size nonprofit social service agencies that need to automate their operations including managing services, tracking outcomes, and reporting to funders, CIRCE is performance management software that makes client chart and program data securely available to service providers and managers anytime, anywhere.
Unlike other products or custom solutions, CIRCE is faster and less expensive to implement. It is built on the open and adaptable Salesforce FORCE.com platform so it is easy to maintain and manage. Learn More »
⇨ Built By People Like You For People Like You
Circe was originally developed for Family Service Agency of San Francisco and used, fine-tuned, and tested for seven years across a range of programs. It revolutionized the organization and took the struggling 129 year old nonprofit from the brink of bankruptcy to becoming a leading innovator in the mental health and social services sector. Learn More »

CIRCE Barcode Scanner to Salesforce. CIRCE Barcode Scanner to Salesforce. 

Clients Using CIRCE
Clients who use CIRCE Software. 
Clients who use CIRCE Software. 
Clients who use CIRCE Software.